Visualisation of vibrations

Motion Ampl® software used for revolutionary technology of converting video, along with measurement of micro-movements that is monitored. Software allows to increase the amplification of movement to a level which meets the eye. Each pixel of the video ‘is converted’ into a vibration measurement device – camera is making millions of measurements in seconds; all this is performed without any physical contact with measurement object.

RDI’s patented technology measures deflection, displacement, motion and vibration invisible to the human eye, using a video camera in conjunction with software and processing algorithms to extract vital data. 

The results allow to visualize vibrations in slow motion (shown as a movie after processing in the software) of each part, working elements and also entire machines/installations; their mutual influence on each other, allowing for a single diagnosis machines as well as the entire set of machines / industrial installations. 

Motormonitor went ahead to the market requirements and demands – so in 2019 as the first service company in Poland acquired this revolutionary measuring technology, which took the measuring services into a completely new dimension. Performing measurements of pipelines, buildings, machinery etc. is giving possibility of visual diagnosis of results, which is supportive to find resolution of problems even in complicated cases, for which standard form of measurements based on spot vibration measurements might be insufficient.


We are providing our services to industries listed below:

Papermaking industry

- Analysis of the dynamic state of drives, machine structure, mutual influence of moving elements on each other
- Monitoring of piping systems to avoid risk of future failures

Oil & Gas Industry

- Monitoring of piping systems in defect revenue challenge.
- Monitoring of compressors, compensation compressors, payment of defect revenues

Chemical Industry

- Analysis of the dynamic condition of drives, bearing nodes of production, packaging and dosing machines, etc.
- Analysis of the mutual influence of the moving machinery elements/parts
- Monitoring of piping systems to avoid risk of future failures

Measuring equipment