Our specialists use this innovate, non-contact diagnostic method for measurement purposes by itself or in combination with vibroacoustics. Wherever there are problems with the cooperation of moving elements; there is no proper heat dissipation or distribution; there are electrical connections malfunctions, elements or surfaces are not properly insulated; leaks invisible to human eye or educed flow appear; where the temperature distribution has a significant impact on the quality of the product – in all of the mentioned places infrared recording is irreplaceable.

This methodology allows making measurements in many different locations; some of the examples listed below:

  • Quality of power supply (all voltages)
  • Transformer stations, line connectors, fuses
  • Pipelines – patency, insulation, leakage finding
  • All kind of tanks – levels, leaks, insulation
  • Efficiency of steam installations and condensers
  • Insulation condition of building partitions
  • Moisture spots in buildings
  • Damage to machines and devices (overheating)
  • The quality of brickworks
  • Correctness of technological temperature distributions
  • Searching for fire outbreaks, people, contamination
  • Medical applications
  • body inflammation
  • Quality of electronic circuits
    …and many other as well as saving humans life in some particular cases

We are providing our services to industries listed below:

Papermaking industry

- Thermovision of electrical switchboards
- Thermal analysis of bearing nodes

Film processing industry

- Thermal analysis of friction calenders (widely used devices for smoothing materials made of natural raw materials and for welding/heat sealing synthetic materials)

Services of general interest

- Thermovision of buildings

Measuring equipment

Thermal imaging camera

along with software (1 set)