About us

Motormonitor is an engineering company and has been located in Toruń since 1994. The genesis of the company was based on experience in the field of technical diagnostics, mainly vibroacoustics. We dealt with the analysis of machine reliability, diagnostic tests, non-destructive methods of analyzing the dynamic condition of machines, we developed our staff, expanded the scope of research and activities, we used the latest measuring techniques, we participated in huge investments in the construction of paper machines.

We create a team of specialists supporting many activities of maintenance services around companies in many industries.

Our diagnostic experience allows us to say that the period between the necessary shutdowns (or failures) of machines and production lines can be increased by 50% … or even 500%!

This can be achieved by using:

  • systematic control of the dynamic condition of the machine and its bearing assemblies, without interrupting the production process
  • appropriate overhaul procedures
  • parts and components of adequate quality

Cooperation with MOTORMONITOR in the field of diagnostic supervision over selected machines is:

  • knowledge about their technical condition
  • the possibility of planning downtime conditioned by production technology, and not the need for repair
  • more time to plan your parts purchases
  • 24-hour service
  • regular reports and analyzes
  • the ability to remotely monitor critical machines

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