Dynamic balancing of machines without dismantling them 

Vibration of rotating machinery due to wear / damage / erosion of the rotors and rotor components may increase with time, along with their wear and the increase of the rotor unbalance mass. Also in case of failure, curvature of the rotor shaft end, loss of geometry, vibrations may increase. 

Motormonitor provides services of re-balancing such machines in their own bearings at the workplace – without requiring client to disassemble the rotor, which is costly and time-consuming and requires shutdown of the equipment. 

We have a unique system of fixing correction weights, which does not require the assistance of an authorized welder, eliminating the risk of fire during their assembly to the rotor structure.

We are providing our services (list below) to all kinds of industries:

All kinds of industry:

-Balancing of supply and exhaust fans of any size and power; mills, crushers, compactors, rollers and shafts and also compressors located in explosive zones

Measuring equipment: