Measurement and adjustment of the alignment of horizontal, vertical, „Cardan” couplings and belt transmissions. 

Each coupling of two shafts requires an alignment procedure, the greater the accuracy, the greater the rotational speed and torque transmitted by the clutch. Misalignment causes that some of the energy put into the drive transmission is irretrievably lost and the service life of the drive system (clutches, bearings) is significantly reduced. Misaligned coupling leads to the formation of high- energy vibrations and has a destructive effect on the machine and the environment. 

Modern laser measurement techniques along with a team of specialists from Motormonitor significantly accelerate the alignment process at your plant. We have four laser measuring sets with additional sets of shims and tools that allow us to carry out the alignment procedure completely without the need for the customer's mechanics. Cardan couplings are set up without a need to disassemble them.

We are providing our services to industries listed below:

All kinds of industry:

- Alignment of horizontal and vertical couplings, motors, gearboxes, pumps, mills, shafts, etc.
- Cardan coupling alignment
- Alignment / parallelism of belt-drives transmission

Maritime industry:

- Alignment of horizontal and vertical thrusters, bow thrusters, azimuth rudders

Measuring equipment:

Our laser alignment kits allows achieving angular and parallel deviations accuracy below 0.01 mm/m.