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Our company

MOTORMONITOR offers maintenance services relating to industrial machines and equipment. The use of technical diagnostics methods (analysis of vibrations, precise 3D measurements, thermovision, endoscopy, NDT etc.) and more than 20 years of experience in industry make it possible for us to help machine users to improve their effectiveness, accuracy and quality as well as decrease costs of maintenance and production. Measurements, analysis and diagnostics of technical condition (including dynamic condition) of machines and equipment, which is done regularly, allows for identification of defects and removing of the same before any failures.
Precise 3D geometry, i.e. alignment or adjustment of elements of machines and elements of the production line is significant for quality of a product and extends the period of reliable operation. This relates both to the basic activity such as alignment of a clutch and alignment of elements of a machine line with the accuracy of up to 0.005mm/m.
Find out about examples of services in our SERVICE section and examples of works for various industrial processes and equipment in the SOLUTIONS. SKF OFFER section provides an access to selected areas of the wide SKF engineering offer.